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Girths For Horses

Shopping online has become the modern approach to retail.  No matter what you need, the first option for millions of people is to shop online.  But what about buying horse girths?  Can you really buy something like that online?

The answer is that you can, but that you should choose carefully where you shop.  After all, your pony’s health and wellbeing is important to you.  Just like you could choose to shop for your own clothing at a place that was poorly made and badly fitted, or you could choose to shop where the clothes are made of better materials and designed to a better pattern, it is important to choose carefully for your horse equipment.

Consider horse girths.  These are the bands, or straps, that fasten under the saddle to secure it in place.  It is this simple piece of equipment that will keep the saddle from slipping or sliding around.  From the rider’s point of view, this is essential.  A saddle that is not secured in place is a very dangerous risk.  In that situation, even a gentle canter could lead to the rider slipping and falling, not to mention the increased danger if the riding involves any sort of fast movements like jumping.

Buy Horse Girths Online

The risk is not only for the rider but also for the horse.  Poorly fitting horse saddle straps could lead to injuries.  A badly seated rider could adversely affect the balance of the mount.  However, even without such a drastic problem, poorly fitted girth straps could cause rubbing or sores.  As well as the strap fitting badly, some straps for horses are made of cheap materials which cause the animal discomfort.  As a rider who loves their mount, we know that you would not want anything but the best.

Fortunately, at Fylde Saddlery we also only want the best for the animals that use our riding tack.  We are animal lovers and experienced jockeys.  The business was started by an experienced equestrian judge, and we continue that tradition by caring for the animals that use our equipment.

When it comes to buying girths for horses, we are ready to help.  We stock many different options, so that we can help you to shop online for horse girths.  With our online store, you gain the advantage of online shopping from the comfort of your home with delivery options, whilst retaining the peace of mind that comes from dealing with professionals.

When you choose to buy horse girths online from our specialist store, you have many options from which to choose.  The anatomical design is a popular option, since this is made of very soft leather and is designed for maximum comfort for ponies.  Another popular choice are our elasticated horse girths.  UK riders often choose these because they are strong and unbreakable under normal use, but also have the advantage of reducing the chafing and rubbing that is caused by the animal perspiring whilst exercising.

Why not visit our online store to see how we can provide the equestrian equipment that you need, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements?