Category: Bits

Here at Fylde Saddlery, we host an extensive stock of equipment, gear, clothing, and accessories for all your horse riding needs. Part of this range includes horse bits, a small yet vital addition for your horse to use during riding sessions.

A horse bit is a form of horse tack used during equestrian activities. It is placed in and around the mouth of the horse, fitting in the natural toothless gap and nestling between its teeth. This prevents the horse from closing its mouth fully and can then be used as part of a negative and positive reinforcement technique. It is held in place by use of a bridle and reins, where you can then hold the horse and communicate with it as you ride.

Horse bits are a highly important piece of riding equipment. They assist in communicating more effectively with your horse, and in reinforcing its behaviour in following your commands as the rider. Loosening the pressure on the bits rewards, and tightening the pressure communicates wrongful behaviour to your horse.

We offer several different types of horse bits at Fylde Saddlery. For instance, our range of snaffle bits apply pressure to the tongue and corner of the horse’s mouth. When rewarding positive behaviour, pressure being applied to the bit may be released, thus encouraging the same behaviour moving forward. Besides several bit types, we also provide bit accessories, to accompany and improve the functioning of the bit.

If you have any remaining questions on our horse bits for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us. Someone from our team will be happy to provide you with more information on the best choice of bit for you and your horse.