Saddle Fitting


To obtain a saddle made to fit your horse the following items are required:
A metal coat hanger or a Flexi curve (available on our web site £8.00)

Stand the horse on a flat, level surface as squarely as possible.
Keep the Flexi curve or metal coat hanger in one piece(do not take it apart)
Carefully place on the horse’s back just behind the withers. The sides of the curve should be just behind the shoulder blades (scapular bones) pointing down behind the elbows.
Mould the curve over the wither and get the exact shape of the withers and sides of the shoulders.
Before removing the Flexi curve check that you have measured in the same position on the left and right sides.
Carefully remove the Flexi curve noting which is the left and right side of the horse.
On a piece of A4 paper draw around the curve following the edge that contacted the horse. Put on your name address, contact number with the type and style of saddle you are looking for and fax it to us on 01995 670332, email it to or send it to us in the post.

All Fylde saddles are adjustable to fit different shapes and can be adjusted to fit different ponies. Our saddles are mainly made on a wide Tree and then adjusted to a medium/wide or an extra wide depending on what you order at the time but we prefer to fit them from a template as this gives us a better indication of the fit needed. However please do not order a saddle from D to D measurement as this is impossible to measure as every saddle is different and depending on the amount of flocking the saddle has will alter the fit even if it has the same D to D measurement. Adjusting the saddle does not devalue a saddle in any way but increases the value as they can be adjusted to fit your next pony or if sold can be adjusted to fit the new pony depending it is the right type of saddle for that breed of horse.

We now have an independent fitter covering a large area consisting of Cumbria, the North East, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, North Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire. Nancy is based in Wetherby but is willing to travel to most places, she has access to new Fylde saddles and can adjust and re flock existing saddles, you will have to contact her personally to discuss charges depending on where you are based, etc and she can be contacted to arrange an appointment on 07739091912

We now have an independent saddle fitter covering Devon Cornwall and Somerset, She has access to the Fylde range of saddles and she can adjust, re flock, and do repairs on all saddles. Please contact Stephanie Smith direct who is based in St. Austell Cornwall 07487552829 for a price on call out and fitting costs


We would like to welcome Heather Roberts a well-known Lancashire Qualified Society of Master Saddlers Saddle fitter to our team, she is an independent fitter. Heather has access to our full range of new and second-hand saddles and can be contacted on 07776472960.

We would like to welcome Katie Common to our team of fitters. Katie is an SMS registered fitter who can adjust, re flock, and repair. She will be covering most of Scotland but mainly the Highlands and has access to the Fylde range of saddles. She can be contacted on 07917107828.

We now have a fitter for Hants and surrounding areas including Berks, Wilts, and Dorset who can adjust or re flock and has access to our range of new saddles. Becca can be contacted on 07921072942.

We would like to welcome Annaghmore Saddlery who will be covering Ireland. They can adjust, flock and refit saddles and have access to our range of saddles. They can be contacted on 0283851128.

We are pleased to welcome Sam Jamieson to the team of Fylde Saddle Fitters, Covering Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk. Sam can do fitting, adjustments, and re flocking on-site or at her own premises where stabling and arena are available. Sam can be contacted on 07866426969 or booked online via

We would like to welcome Kirsty Sheath to our team of saddle fitters. Kirsty is a member of the society of masters saddlers saddle fitter and will cover Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. She can do adjustments, re flock and saddle checks her contact number is 07595594666.

We would like to welcome Juliette Lilly to our team of fitters. Juliette is a Master Saddlers registered fitter with over 20 years of experience who can adjust, re flock, and repair existing saddles. She also has access to the Fylde range of saddles and is covering Sussex, West Kent, and Surrey. You can contact her on 07870159421

We would like to welcome Liz Suddaby and her team of saddle fitters who have access to the range of Fylde saddles. They can do adjustments, re-flocking, and saddle checks. They will be covering Suffolk, Norfolk, East Cambridgeshire, and North Essex. They can be contacted on 01449672225.

We now have a fitter for North and Mid Wales and also will cover the Cheshire, Shropshire, and Staffordshire, She can adjust repair and re flock and has full access to the Fylde range of new saddles. She can be contacted on 07778539030.


We now have a fitter that is covering Beds, Bucks, Herts, North London, and Middlesex, Rachel is a horse Physiotherapist and Master Saddler Fitting Consultant and can be contacted on 07714865088